We're kicking off the New Year with our wonderful nine course cognac dinner, where each course is "infused" with world-class cognac. Without a doubt this is one of our very best events each year, and it just gets better and better!

To start off we taste a series of great cognacs from one of the world's top producers - Daniel Bouju--under the tutelage of cognac expert Billee Madsen, who will lead us through the various cognacs and describe how each is meticulously crafted to produce its unique cognac signature.

Next we leisurely indulge in a fabulous nine-course dinner. Click here to see the entire menu. We'll enjoy delectable desserts with a few more "special" cognacs (we're bringing out the 45 and 80 year olds here, my friends) and then retire to the "Guan Zhi" lounge for cigars and of course more cognac. After dinner we'll take over the 'members-only' private cigar lounge and pass around premium Zino Platinum Crown Series cigars for sampling (these are highly rated, expensive cigars included in the price).

Also, a very few select bottles of vintage-dated Daniel Boujou cognac will be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting the Wheelchair Foundation. Finally, we're proud to offer one or two memberships in the very exclusive Zino Platinum Private Cigar Club -- something special for the true cigar aficionado!

Our event is very limited, seating for 30 people only! Please call immediately to reserve a seat: 415-806-4625

Again, seating is limited -- if you're interested please contact me right away. I'll be taking credit card orders over the phone. That's the ONLY way to purchase a ticket.

If you're a real cognac lover -- or always wanted to know more about this outstanding spirit said to have been created by the Angels themselves -- don't miss this event. Tickets are $135.00 per person all inclusive (plus $2.50 credit card processing fee).

It's going to be great fun and an incredible evening of fine spirit, great food and terrific company. Please join us, and of course I'd appreciate it if you'd tell a friend about Angel's Share and our "best of class" events.

I hope to see you at the Cognac Dinner!

A Sante!

Mark Russo
Angel's Share

Ultimate Cognac Dinner Menu

1st Course
Minced cognac Duck in Lettuce Petals And Special “Angel’s Share” Nanking Spring Rolls

2nd Course
Seafood Custard with Osetra Caviar

Third course
Sweetened and Cognac-Glazed Short Ribs And La Tze Chicken And
Yiubo Prawns

Fourth Course
”Jing Jiang” Peking Duck, with an outstanding Cognac XO Plum Sauce, chef’s specialty

Fifth Course
Cognac Prawns Glazed in Ginger Aioli, Candied Walnuts with a fine Cognac Reduction

Sixth Course
Filet Mignon Flambé a la Cognac, with rare Chinese Morels

Seventh Course
Wok Seared Cognac Lobster served with Young Leeks over Cognac “Chili”

Eigth Course
Buddha’s “Golden Picnic Basket”
Wonderful Seasonal vegetables in a fried noodle basket
And Special Yangchow “Cognac infused” Fried Rice

Ninth Course
“Iridescent Red Bean” Cognac Pan Crepes served a la Mode


The Bouju family vineyard lies in the heart of the Grande Champagne, in the picturesque village of St. Preuil, with its 250 inhabitants and a noteworthy parish church from the thirteenth century. In 1805 an ancestor of the present lady of the house, a Monsieur Allard, bought the first vineyard in the best location and also acquired a wood-fired Charentais alembic that held three hectoliters (almost 80 U. S. gallons). Since 1960 Daniel Bouju has been distilling with an alembic that is not much bigger - with its capacity of 16.5 hectoliters (436 U. S. gallons) it is tiny compared to the ones commonly used. Over the years the family has purchased additional vineyards, so that it now has a total of 20 hectares (50 acres), most of them planted with ugni blanc. Daniel Bouju is an uncompromising traditionalist and produces his cognacs according to age-old methods: the first few years the young brandies are stored in brand-new 400 liter barrels of oak from Limousin or the Troncais so that they can take on an optimal amount of tannins. The next few years the distillates rest in older barrels - again small ones - before they reach their final maturity in large, 80 to 90 liter barrels that no longer release tannins but help to harmonize the flavor. A fanatic for quality, Bouju replaces the angels' share, which evaporates over time, not with young distillate, as is common, but with cognac of the same age - a practice that makes it unnecessary to beautify or soften the brandy with sugar or caramel. The uncompromisingly dry Bouju cognacs attain their smoothness and mildness exclusively through long storage in the barrel. Only a producer like Daniel Bouju, who has more than 17 times his annual sales volume resting in his chais at any given time, can afford the luxury of giving his cognacs full time to mature.