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Crystal has been voted "World's Best Cruise Line" by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine (best large ship line for 9 years in a row, best overall rating in 2003). We have a 20 page wine list and the most knowledgeable sommeliers in the industry.

FineWine Travel

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Très Vénérable
Grande Champagne Cognac

The region of Cognac lies in the two departments of The Charente and Charente-Maritime, just north of the Médoc. Its 2,798,447 acres were first defined by law in 1909, followed by the delimitation of its seven "crus" in 1936. Of these, the Grande Champagne was ranked first, confirming the superiority it had historically enjoyed. Though it represents only 3.2 percent of the total Cognac appellation, it is the most extensively planted, with 32,904 acres of vines representing 15.6 percent of Cognac's total vineyard acreage, testimony both to its quality and rarity.

While the soils of Cognac are generally characterized by chalk, the degree and quality of the chalkiness varies in each cru. Of the three types of chalk which surface in the area, that referred to as "Campanian" (the Latin derivation of "Champagne") occurs only on the crests of the gentle slopes of the Grande Champagne. It is composed almost entirely of a variety of oyster fossil found nowhere else, the "ostrea vesicularis," which has degraded to a crumbly, grey-white stratum with traces of silica and crystallized iron pyrite. It is this soil which makes Cognac unique among the world's brandies.

Nine white vine varieties, also defined in 1936, are authorized in the production of wines destined to become Cognac. The Ugni Blanc, once known as the Saint-Emilion des Charentes, accounts for approximately 95 percent of plantings, and yields a thin, acidic white wine. The only requirement of this base product is that it be "correct;" indeed, the more characterless the wine, the finer the Cognac. The wine must be double-distilled by the 31st of March following the harvest in the traditional "alembic charentais," a copper pot still heated by an open flame, the design of which has changed little since the early 1700s. The clear brandy resulting from the heart of the second distillation, or "bonne chauffe," has been reduced to one-tenth its original volume with a alcoholic concentration of 72 percent.

Delamain Très Vénérable Grande Champagne Cognac is blended from a range of Cognacs averaging 45 to 50 years of age, which have been reduced by natural evaporation to approximately 45 percent alcohol by volume. It is brought to 40 percent consumption strength by the gradual addition of "vieilles faibles," very old, weak Grande Champagne Cognacs showing a natural alcohol content of 15 percent. The unusual label design is taken from a French Revolutionary bank note. Introduced in 1976, this rare Cognac is inspires the respect and reverence its name, and age, suggest. Brilliant deep topaz in color with gold highlights, its profound, complex bouquet reveals subtle nuances of dried fruits, licorice and mellowed oak. An initial freshness and delicacy on the palate unfold into a rich, palette of mature flavors underscored by sophisticated "rancio," notes of fruitcake and cheese. A Cognac of perfect balance with exceptional length on the finish.

Established in 1999 CharterAuction has become a leader in the private jet travel industry. Our exclusive network of operators, visionary technology, and world-class service has greatly enhanced the private jet travel experience.

With the introduction of our online auction, CharterAuction has evolved the jet charter industry. Our proprietary technology automatically sends your trip request/itinerary to our network to locate every available aircraft. Operators competitively bid for your business, resulting in significant savings and increased aircraft options for you. For frequent travelers, our Titanium Luxury Club membership provides additional benefits including: first-class concierge service, guaranteed fixed pricing, escrow services and the opportunity for further savings through our unique online auction.

Similar programs only offer a class of aircraft. When you travel with us, you can choose the jet model that best meets your needs for each and every trip. Our professional staff has expertise to help you every step of the way, and are available 24/7.

Safety is our priority. Our operator network members meet extensive safety, training, and inspection requirements. Our jet operators are FAA Part 135 Certified and approved by ARG/US (Aviation Resource Group/US) or Wyvern, the leading auditing authorities on aircraft safety.

Experience the evolution of air travel. Experience CharterAuction.

More Than a Travel Magazine

Unlike the destination babble of typical travel magazines, Elite Traveler brings our readers the true insider scoop from those who really know it:
The best private guides and ski instructors at elite travel destinations we cover. Plus, we'll tell our readers how they can hire these guides to craft their own private vacations.

We let our readers know the names and private numbers of luxury hotel general managers and concierges, restaurant owners, and other "need to know" inside contacts to arrange the customized services they expect.

Elite Traveler explores all aspects of travel and lifestyle from family vacations and romantic hideaways to business travel, meetings, and the consumption of luxury goods and services that our readers devour, from fashion, jewelry and watches to fine wine and cigars, and technology and luxury automobiles.

Elite Traveler offers advice and counsel on safety and security from experts on the subject, including former intelligence operatives, high-profile bodyguards and consultants in hotel and airline security.

In total, Elite Traveler provides a unique and compelling editorial package that has become a must read for today’s Elite Affluent aboard their private jets, yachts and villas.

Thank you to WMF AMERICA and Spiegelau for the beautiful glassware.

The earliest known reference to Spiegelau dates back to 1521, almost to the time of the discovery of the American Continent.

The Spiegelau Crystal business is located in the small town of Spiegelau in the heart of the Bavarian Forest about

40kms north of Passau. Being one of the most picturesque parts of Germany, this area has in recent

times become as much a centreof tourism as well as a traditional centre of glassmaking.
Today, the Spiegelau brand has become synonymous with prestige quality glassware especially in the area of Connoisseur Wineglasses to leading world sommeliers, wine connoisseurs and discerning Gourmet product retailers.

WMF's table and kitchenware products have had an excellent reputation for generations because of their functionality and design. Discerning customers can find WMF products in specialized retail shops, leading department stores, and internet select mail-order companies.

Professionals trust WMF in the same way as private customers. WMF is among the leading suppliers to good restaurants, first-rate hotels and quality-conscious communal caterers.

WMF has ultra-modern production facilities for table cutlery, cookware, tableware, kitchen cutlery and commercial coffee machines. The company was founded in 1853 and prides itself on being a supplier of products which satisfy highest demands as regards design, quality and functionality.

Thank you to Artisan Foie Gras and Sonoma Saveurs for their generous foie gras contribution.

Sonoma Saveurs offers guests an exciting and pleasurable culinary experience through the tasting and exposure to novel "saveurs" in a unique, historical setting on the Plaza in Sonoma, California. Here at our bistro, people can sample high-quality, innovative foods, featuring Artisan foie gras and duck meat products, and pair them with local, limited production boutique wines, all at one single destination.

Our chef, Mary Dumont, is committed to utilizing the bounty of the wine country, serving seasonal dishes from local farmers and food producers who put their hearts and lives into their products. The menu items can be enjoyed in our quaint, Provençal interior, or outdoor garden patio, and are available for take-out (picnic baskets too!). With our future consumer-ready foie gras products and bistro dishes, Sonoma Saveurs wants to bring the rich culinary flavors of this region to your home.

Ferrari & Maserati of San Francisco

"This is a car for extroverted individuals, people who want something different, a car that occupies a different niche of the premium-luxury market." ~ Automobile Magazine

"Spearheading Maserati's reemergence as a premium brand on the world market is the striking Quattroporte. This fifth-generation Maserati four-door sedan thrusts into the heart of the luxury flagship segment dominated by BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz. To help realize the dream of a modern, fast, luxurious, and very Italian sedan, Maserati enlisted the design talents of Pininfarina and the technical abilities of corporate parent Ferrari. The result is art, haut couture, technical wizardry, and a proud high-performance legacy rolled into one package. The Quattroporte couldn't get any more Italian if your ridingmates were Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, and Marcello Mastroianni." ~ Motortrend

Wine Enthusiast Magazine is one of America's fastest-growing publications devoted exclusively to the ever changing, always fascinating world of wine and spirits. As a family owned and operated company, our editorial mission is to educate and entertain readers about this world in a lively, informative, user-friendly way so they can make better educated decisions about purchasing and drinking wine. For questions or to subscribe, please call 800-829-5901 or see our website at

In 1982, the Tonnellerie Demptos created a branch and cooperage in California : "Demptos Napa Cooperage". Located in the heart of the Napa Valley , this cooperage works with the best American oak species : the Missouri white oak, as well as with selected French oak forests The American oaks purchased by Demptos are carefully selected for the finest grain and come from an exclusive, designated forest in the Cuba, Missouri area. With the benefits of our experience and extensive work on wood selection and maturation, Demptos Napa Cooperage produces some of the finest American and French oak barrels. Demptos Napa Cooperage utilizes a 24 months natural air drying process to assure the highest quality wood. The wood staves are fire bent and toasted slowly over oak fires to develop the natural wood sugars desired for the various flavors in the oak.

Demptos guarantees a regularly scheduled oak supply, and our capability has allowed us to open markets throughout the world's wine regions. The most recognized winery estates in Europe, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and South America have chosen our products. Demptos Napa Cooperage is committed to producing the finest quality barrels while striving to sustain its reputation for excellence and service throughout the world.

Zino Platinum
Zino Platinum cigars are a fusion of time-honored cigar tradition and current pop culture and lifestyle trends. The specific shapes, blends and aromas are all respectfully drawn from the best of classic cigar customs, while simultaneously achieving a new level of modern luxury.

The four Crown Series shapes - Stretch, Double Grande, Chubby Especial and Barrel - each come packaged in a finely tooled metal box containing three cigars and custom black Zino Platinum matches. Available at Davidoff of Geneva boutiques and a limited number of select retailers, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and clubs nationwide, Zino Platinum cigars are also offered through an

exclusive concierge service in which customers can receive product information and have their orders delivered to them -- in some markets on the same day -- by calling (866) 561-5525.

Zino Platinum cigars are full-bodied cigars made from a unique blend of specially selected tobaccos. The filler contains three Dominican and one Peruvian tobacco and is made up of approximately 75% of ligero tobaccos - the highest quality available. All tobaccos are aged between four and five years in the Dominican Republic. Zino Platinum cigars are hand-rolled.

Sub-Zero and Wolf – corporate companions and kitchen soul mates. We have blended passion and performance to create the consummate kitchen and provide the ultimate technology in the service of taste. Sub-Zero has an extensive line of built-in refrigeration; including, the 700 Series Integrated built-in refrigeration which blends seamlessly into any cabinetry, in any room, the 400 Series Wine Storage Units with two temperature zones and UV resistant glass doors, and the 200 Series line of undercounter built-in refrigerators.

Unique to Sub-Zero and indicative of the company’s innovative engineering is its dual refrigeration system in the 600 Series, which relies on two separate, self-contained cooling systems to keep fresh food fresher and preserve frozen food longer. Sub-Zero is the only refrigeration company to offer dual refrigeration. Built to the same exacting standards of design and performance and recognized by connoisseurs around the world as one of the premiere lines of commercial quality cooking appliances on the market today, Wolf products include gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, cooktops with multiple top configurations, built-in ovens and outdoor grills with infrared technology and a stainless steel finish. Sub-Zero/Wolf sets the standard for quality. For more information, please visit us at

Vintrust is the resource for all wine collecting needs, provided by professionals who really know wine. Through the integration of technology, exceptional service and the best wine minds in the industry, Vintrust works to bring an unparalleled resource for managing, cellaring, buying, selling and enjoying wine. Vintrust provides inventory control, information and advisory services (even for those collectors with home cellars), permitting you to truly "manage" your wine portfolio - just as you would do with other valuable assets. Vintrust provides pickup and delivery of your wine into and out of Cellarage, so for those of you who currently use an offsite wine storage provider it's no longer necessary to load, drive and carry your wine into your storage locker  - we'll do it for you. For more information, please visit us at

The Official Florist for the California Cult Wines Classic and Angel's Share

"Send Flowers the Same Day with San Francisco's Florist Since 1900"

Rossi & Rovetti Flowers has been serving San Francisco for over a century. Our family run business is located in the heart of the financial district, and our showroom is minutes from all major city landmarks. Our unique, elegant floral designs are what we are famous for, and it'll show whether it's an occasion, a wedding, a memorium or just to say 'I Love You.'

* Elegant, Unique Florals
* White Glove Service Since 1900
* Call us at 415-397-5311

Angel's Share and the 2nd Annual California Cult Wines Classic would like to offer its gratitude to Yafa Pen Company for providing some of their fine pens for the evening.

When Art & Technology are blended in perfect symbiosis, the result is a collection of the world's most innovative gifts and accessories.

Creativity and excellent service have been the benchmarks of YAFA's business philosophy for more than a quarter century. We have recommitted ourselves in this, the first year of our next quarter century, by introducing you to an array of new products that will far surpass your expectations.

Inspired by the ageless Italian designers and artisans, our products offer great attention to small details and style second to none.

Our luxury lines of writing instruments offer the DELTA™ and the MONTEVERDE™ brands. These instruments represent the pinnacle of imagination and a true breakthrough in craftsmanship and function.

We are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, and it is with great pleasure and a hearty thanks to you, our customer, that we pledge a future of outstanding customer service so that you may achieve, or exceed, your business goals.




Have questions? Please email
For corporate tables up to 10 persons please call us directly 1-866-615-7661


A portion of the evenings proceeds will go to benefit the American Institute of Wine and Food - Nor Cal chapter "Days of Taste" program that teaches children about nutrition.

Angel's Share and the Cult Wines Classic proudly believes in and supports the Wheelchair Foundation Each tax deductible donation of $75 will restore hope, mobility and freedom by delivering one wheelchair to a person that cannot afford one. Click to donate. Please see the special Arlen Ness Victory motorcycle lot for the Wheelchair Foundation here.

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Angel's Share
Angel's Share
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